need high quality 2.0 pc speakers

Rory Buszka

Partition Master
They're both good, but neither one may be right for you.

The question is, what exactly is the question? What are your budget requirements? What are your preferences for music style and listening volume? Do the speakers in question need to be room-filling, or will you do most of your listening in the near field (1-6 feet away from the speakers)? Are you restricted to products you can purchase at Future Shop?

There's more to answering this question than "are these speakers good?" -- so if you'll answer my counter-questions above, we can get straight to the heart of what's best for you and choose a set of speakers you'll love.

Some of the best all-around 2.0 PC speakers are the Audioengine A5. They pair a punchy 5" woofer with a 1" dome tweeter in a typical bookshelf-style form factor, and they're self-powered, so there's no need for an outboard amplifier. But if bass or room-shaking volumes aren't important to you, you might also check out the NuForce Icon-1 and S-1 combo that I reviewed last week. I'll warn you -- both of the above options are also fairly expensive, so be prepared to shell out for "some of the best", to the tune of around $500 for the NuForce system or $325 for the Audioengine set.
I know it's quite late to reply but I wanted to thank you for quality response. I ended up getting Bose 2.0 speakers and I have no complaints. My max budget was $200.

I'm just a big fan of getting the most in smallest package possible. So I will be looking for speakers for my home audio entertainment. My living room is about average size (probably slightly smaller than average). Bass is good but it doesn't have to be room filling. Thanks once again.