My first experiment.


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Well, I have a bunch of spray paint lying around. I could also use some of the Spies Hecker paint and clear coat from work. I just recently recieved a crappy old school computer case from a friend, and decided to do something with it. Gonna see what I can brainstorm up before classes start.


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Ok, here is my idea. My very first car is a 91 Toyota Camry DX. I drove the hell out of that thing. I remember buying it for $1000 with 135,000 miles on it. I drove it to 215,000 and it still runs good. Only thing is, it has major dents and dings and rust which technically makes the car totaled.

Techdaddy made a case mod paying tribute to a vintage ford mustang. Here is my tribute...

That's right... I'm making a case mod for the underdog... my 91 Camry... BiffyWang... yes, I named my car BiffyWang...

Will post more stuff soon, and show you my snail like progress...


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Cool, I'd build one as a tribute to my ride but I don't think I can watercool a pile of crap.