MSI R4890 Cyclone OC Radeon HD 4890 1GB GDDR5 PCI Express x16 ~ $156!


Found a great review for this card over at HotHardware and decided this deal was worth posting. In their tests, they found this OCed 4890 to be comparable to the OCed 285 they were testing. Since this deal puts the cost at half the price, it's worth looking into if you're thinking about buying a vid card.

Zip Zoom Fly 4890

$196 - $20 ZZF coupon "ZZF101220" - $20 Mail In Rebate = $156

The MIR expires on 10/31 so hurry if you want one!

Edit: This is actually the OC, not the SOC that was reviewed. Still a good deal!
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Thanks for sharing the coupon, I missed the expiration date since I just joined the forum. Are there any new coupons or deals available that you would recommend?