Mozilla to Cease Development on its Thunderbird Mail Client

Rob Williams

Staff member
In a bit of unfortunate news for users of the Thunderbird e-mail client, a leaked Mozilla e-mail has revealed that innovation support for the project will soon cease. This decision was made due to the fact that Mozilla wants the bulk of its focus to be elsewhere, such as with a Firefox OS (or rather, it wants to focus where more $$$ can be generated). Security updates will still be delivered to the client at regular intervals, however.


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Senior Editor
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This doesn't surprise me. Warning signs were going off some time ago when Mozilla absorbed the TB Dev team into Firefox. It is a shame to see the client cease development, but I do have to agree, there really isn't much else left for it to do. Unless there is a fundamental change to the way emails are handled some time in the future, there really isn't much else to innovate on. Outlook from MS, it's growing bag of features are predominantly tied to Exchange and other Office applications, but in of itself, nothing's really changed.

At least security features will progress (and possibly bug fixes). All that's left is a time of death...