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We don't discuss movies!! Why is that!!?? Lol!

Some really good movies came out this summer! With the opening of a new 3D cinema here, i have started going to watch movies on the big screen!

My first one,
Fast 5! Awesome!
Thor, Very nice!
Pirates 4, Good!
Kung Fu Panda 2, Pure Awesomeness!
Transformers 3, Good!
X Men: First Class, my fav. movie this year!
Captain America, Very good! Cant wait for the Avengers!! :p

So how was your summer movie experience!!????
Which u liked and which u think Suckd?? :D


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Kung Fu Panda 2, Pure Awesomeness!

When I read this my brain automatically switched to a Jack Black voice over for the "Pure Awesomeness!"

I think Thor is my top pick though, and I agree on the rest but TF3 since I haven't seen it yet. (c:


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Hemsworth was surprisingly well cast for the part of Thor. But Loki... holly camoly! It couldn't have been worse.

Anyways my list if vastly different. In no particular order:

Another Earth
Jane Eyre
The Way Back
Source Code
The Help
Company Men

I could say this has been one of the worst year for movies for the past, I dunno, 10 years. However, Jane Eyre, Another Earth and The Help do standout from the crowd.

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Doomsday said:
We don't discuss movies!! Why is that!!?? Lol!

Because Pixar still hasn't given me the source to any of its movies for me to use as a benchmark ;-)

Fast 5 and Captain America were both great movies. I didn't see the others.


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I dont even know where to start.... I have seen so many movies. The latest was Apollo 18 and while scifi it does make you wonder, why have we never gone back?
I have seen
Transformers 3
Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides
Limitless (freaking awesome)
Source Code
Sucker Punch
The Adjustment Bureau
Your Highness (pretty funny)
Fast 5
Dylan Dog Dead of Night
some more and some more and who knows what else lol


Only movie I saw this summer was HP7 part 2. I barely go to the movies as it is - the most was probably 2 or 3 times a year when I lived at home.

TV...I think you can guess what I spent most of my time watching from my avatar...


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Because Pixar still hasn't given me the source to any of its movies for me to use as a benchmark ;-)

Fast 5 and Captain America were both great movies. I didn't see the others.

Lol! :D
You live in Canada where most of these are filmed! How the hell could you not have heard of them?!?

Yeah man! Alot of TV shows are shot in Canada too!

Oh and like Darkstarr mentioned, Limitless is also a must watch! :)

I was gonna go watch Conan The Barbarian but the negative reviews by the crowd really got my hopes down!
Well, I'll be going for Johnny English Reborn next! Rowan Atkinson is always hilarious! :p

Too bad he wont be making anymore Mr. Bean movies! :(
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Just watched Your Highness! I have not laughed like this while watching any other movie! Hilariously perverted and funny! Lol!! :D


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now this is what Superman should be ripped like!


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I long lost any hope of Hollywood studios to do any serious homage to Marvel Comics (although here we are talking about DC universe). Hell, even Stan Lee had to put a stop to them once and took over the direction of X-Men just to get a minimally decent version that wouldn't suck!

It may not mean much to newcomers to the genre who may appreciate the high special effects ratio and explosive action pack of the movies that for the past years have depicted Marvel creations. But for anyone who actually read through the comic series, any and every single movie that was released to this day (with some slight exceptions going to he latest X-Men) have been an insult to the highly artistic and dense characterization that was the hallmark of Marvel comics. I hate to say it, but one single comic book was far more intelligent than all these films put together.

I haven't seen yet Captain America. But should be another piece of posh garbage meant to feed this decadent pop culture through the nose. Not the brain.


As for Superman, the movies long payed the necessary tribute to this iconic DC creation. And they did just that exactly because they weren't done in our times. They were done in a time when fidelity, high production values, a taste for aesthetics, a desire for fidelity and a respect for that which was being portrait was the way things were actually done. Hence why top actors were eager to audition.

This movie, coming from the hands of these directors, and these screenwriters, is just going to be another highly successful mass market piece of junk. If one picture is worth a thousand words, then that picture alone describes the whole movie for me.
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