Most Under-rated Games


As an homage to this thread

I've got a few under-rated games for you.

Whiplash - I've never, ever laughed so hard at a game in my life, 'wait till Peta finds out about this!'

Beyond Good & Evil - beautiful, played well once you got used to the controls, kept me hooked to the end

NOLF - dang - I'm tired...[if you played it, you're smiling]

Metal Arms - good pace, good clean fun lol

What have you got?


Some of the best games are the simplest. I'll add the following to the list:

Age Of Empires 2: This is a game I continue to play to this day. The graphics aren't great, but no two games are never the same. The computer was never predictable (unless you set it to easiest and it just sat there). Lastly, multi-player mode allowed you to play in different ways. Personally, I really preferred humans vs computers. Like I said, no two games are ever the same.

Wing Commander 2 - While the original wing commander was a new step in the gaming industry, WC2 did a wonderful job of blending a story line with flight sim action. The fact that your fate was affected by the outcome of your missions was crucial. Yet, the simplicity of the game kept you addicted.

Crusader No Remorse/Regret - Why they cancelled the third of the series, I'll never get. This is one of the best overhead first person shooters I've ever seen. I think this is one of the first games I ever saw with some realistic/wacky weapons. The coolest one was the freeze gun. Freeze the opponent and then one bullet shattered him to the ground. Best of all, there were special devices you could pick up, like computer hacking key cards, to help you get into lots of areas.

Okay, last one...

Lego Starwars - anyone can enjoy this game. It's simple and it's fun. Nicely, it is also adaptable for two players. The graphics are simple, but the playablity is remarkable. Half the fun is going back through the game so you can unlock the secret level.

Who's next?


Well, let me see here...

Age Of Wonders - Shadow Magic: Gotta love then TBS! This is a very clean, simple to learn fantasy TBS. But once you get playing it, there is so much more complexity than most! It puts the HoMM games to shame.

Other than that, I can't really think of any game's I'd consider under-rated.
Well, all TBS games, but that's just the state of the industry.


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X-Com UFO Defense. Anyone know/remember that?
Suikoden III, I love that game out of the series. Not as good as the first or the second, but still very good.


Ah, good old X-COM!
The first one was so much better than all that followed... ich... Terror From The Deep... blech!


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<a href ="">Airfix Dogfighter</a> - What's more fun than flying a remote controlled airplane?

This one puts you in a little kids house where you must use the planes you either find the plans to or unlock. There's numerous WWII style aircraft, from the Mustang to the jet that the Germans were researching.
You go on missions against the enemy and can find plans and the materials to make the other planes. Graphics are decent, not an enthusiasts fighter game, but I really enjoyed playing it. I never beat it though lol.

Greg King

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The one game that sticks out in my mind is Max Payne 2. This is an amazing game that just didn't get the attention that I feel it deserved.

Rob Williams

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GeekGirl, I loved NOLF also... fantastic game. I still have it in my collection.

Apocalypse (Playstation)
EGG (Dreamcast)
Faxanadu (NES)
Forsaken (PC)
Gex 3 (N64)
Jet Grind Radio (Dreamcast)
Lego Racers (N64)
Omikron (PC, Dreamcast)
Quantum Redshift (Xbox)
San Francisco Rush (1, 2 and 2049)
Wacky Racers (Dreamcast)
Vigilante 8 (Playstation)

Ok, I could go forever :-\


BLuKnight said:
Lego Starwars - anyone can enjoy this game. It's simple and it's fun. Nicely, it is also adaptable for two players. The graphics are simple, but the playablity is remarkable. Half the fun is going back through the game so you can unlock the secret level.

Gotta Love the Star Wars Games!!!!!!!


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Twisted Metal 2 for the Playstation
I don't care what anyone says, that game is the best in the series.

I do agree with Max Payne 2 though, I love the Max Payne series, not for just the awesome gameplay but for it's story too.
Although it was short, it was a whole lot of fun to play.

Rob Williams

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Max Payne 2 was incredible. Everything from the gameplay to the graphics to the sound. The environments were so incredibly realistic, it really added to the overall experience. That was one game I had a very hard time putting down until I beat it.

Lee, I agree with you 100% about Twisted Metal 2.


"Twisted Metal 2" and "Age of Empires 2" were both mentioned earlier in the thread. How are these games underrated? I was under the impression they were quite popular and generally acknowledged as very fun games.


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I'm not sure if Twisted Metal 2 was all that popular back in the day. But then again, I could be wrong.

One game that resembles X-Com UFO defense, and is still a decent game is a WWII title called 'Silent Storm.'
It never got the media attention of... oh say... Call of Duty, but it was a great WWII turned based strategy very similar to X-Com.


Karateka. Sure, it might as well have been ascii, but it sure livened up my compter class at summer school in 7th grade.

Apple IIe for the win!


Wizardy 8 - They spent 7 years making this game. It was released at around the same time as other popular games like Morrowind, so it did not sell as many copies. It was (and still is) the best roleplaying game of all time, and it is highly underrated.


Heroes of Might and Magic. That game use to be very good!!

The first game I ever played multiplayer, I believe it was Heroes of Might and Magic 3. That game took a lot of strategic thinking and smarts to win. Not like the multiplayer games of today where you just blow up everything in sight and hope you win by brute force.


Chronicles of Riddick - though i haven't finished it yet.
Asheron's Call
Planescape: Torment


discharge said:
Asherons Call was not underrated. Almost everyone who played it at the time, has recommended it. Its already a highly rated game.

It is underrated in comparison to a game like World of Warcraft. Asheron never sold as many copies as its mmorpg competitors.


Go ask anyone on the street, or any non-gaming friends, what "AC" is, and they'll say air conditioning. Ask them what "Warcraft" is and they'll likely know someone that plays or at least have heard of either WoW or the RTS series.

AC was highly rated by most who played it, but it is a completely unknown game outside of hardcore gamers and/or MMORPG industry followers.

I asked my local EB if they were stocking the expansion and they didn't even know what the game was. :)

I'm serious!