More Quad-core, Tri-core Phenoms Roadmapped


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Still nothing with over the top performance though, seems like 2.6 is all that AMD is still able to get out of these things.

AMD's newest roadmap reveals many more Phenom processors for 2008, but tops off at 2.6 GHz

AMD's latest corporate guidance reveals a flurry of changes to the company's line of desktop processors. Most importantly, the new roadmaps indicate the arrival of AMD's higher-end Phenom processors.

AMD's first update to its performance segment will take place later in Q2 2008; the company will unveil two new Phenom processors: the AMD Phenom 9750 and the Phenom 9850. The Phenom 9850 features a 125 Watt thermal envelope and runs at 2.5 GHz, while the Phenom 9750 runs at 2.4 GHz and features a 125 Watt TDP. Around this time another configuration of the Phenom 9750 will be released, but this processor will feature a lower 95W TDP.

In Q3 2008 AMD will release its AMD Phenom 9950 clocked at 2.6 GHz. The Phenom 9950 is one of AMD's last high-end 65nm chips and features 140W TDP, the highest of any Phenom processor. Roadmaps indicate that there will be another processor released after the AMD Phenom 9950 though this is likely a lower TDP version of the same frequency.


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I think maybe my AMD days are past, for a while anyways.
Too much heat ( as always ) and performance is way behind Intel.
Which is not a good thing for the price wars.

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Gah. I can't get over how depressing it is that I feel NO enthusiasm whatsoever regarding these upcoming launches. Even at the top-end 2.6GHz, Intel's CPUs are going to kick its ass, even without overclocking coming into play, and WITH overclocking... there's just no comparison.

Pricing will be everything here.


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AMD is going to "HAVE TO" sell these super cheap if they want to stay in the CPU game at all. But you know that E-tailers/retailers are going to try and gouge just because they are called Quads.
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Without an L3 cache on those 45nm Propus chips they can probably afford to make them very cheap.

etailers can try to gouge all they want, but if they don't sell any of them they will quickly change their tune...


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Time will tell I guess......;)

But I do know a bunch of folks myself that will buy them just because they are AMD and they are cheaper than Intel.