Modding Apevia Plexi Glass Window


My case is an APEVIA X-Gear ATXB5KLW-BL.

The side window only has 1 case fan.

I want to put another on that side for my overclock.

How can I cut out some of the Plexi for the another fan?

I know there is some drill bit that is shaped like an aluminum can, and has a drill bit in the middle and jagged edges...but don't know what it's called...or if it works?

How can I do it?

Here is the NewEgg picture of my side window:

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The drill that you're talking about is called a hole saw. The bit in the middle starts the hold and aligns the saw (the part that looks like a can). You can drill the plexi with one. Before you drill, cover the area that you're going to drill with masking tape so that you don't mar the surface of the plexi. Then mark the location of the hole for the fan, as well as the locations for the screw holes to fasten the fan to the plexi. Then drill the hole.

The most important thing when you're drilling with the hole saw is to keep the drill perpendicular to the surface. Also, don't press too hard - let the saw cut the plexi, rather than trying to grind through it. Just press firmly.


The Tech Wizard

If I was you I would just drill a lot of holes instead of one big one, Plexi is strong but it will chip, maybe even melt the hole with a hot rod. practice on a piece first


I worked at Lockheed for a while and trimmed plexiglass