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Richard Searle

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Looking at the Angry Birds post I started to wonder what everyones favorite mobile game is? Here are my favorites on the iPhone side of Mobile Gaming.

I am obviously a fan of Angry Birds, however a few other of my favorite titles are DoodleJump, Fruit Ninja and Flight Control.

A few decent console converts were COD Zombies and my all time favorite Worms (Controls are very hard to adjust to on console).

Anyone else out there addicted to any of these games? :D

Rob Williams

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You got me addicted to DoodleJump... it's a lot of fun. Simple, a bit tedious, but still quite a bit of fun. I'm liking Angry Birds quite a bit, and wouldn't be surprised if a sequel were to come out at some point.

Never tried Worms, but it would worry me, though it really shouldn't be THAT difficult to control. It should have a similar control scheme as Angry Birds, really.

I can't wait until id Software starts bringing out some FPS titles on mobile platforms. Still, the control scares me a bit, especially after playing Duke Nukem 3D on the iPhone... control there was HORRIBLE.


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I've actually never played many mobile games. Speaking about worms, though, there is an open-source variant called wormux (warmux now due to legal concerns): In some ways it's better than the original Worms. It's available for several mobile platforms.


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Richard Searle

Techgage Staff
warmux looks cool have to give it a try. I really hate the worms controls on the iPhone, maybe a keyboard will help. Got playing Crazy Snowboard on Android, also very addicting.