Mixing Your Mouth with Simple Technology

Rob Williams

Staff member
From our front-page news:
I don't talk too often about music or music artists in our news section, but this is one of those times when there's no reason not to. Not because the music is technologically advanced, but rather because of the exact opposite. Beatboxing is the art of creating music with nothing other than your mouth. Most often, created sounds come in the form of drum beats and other rhythm, and some pull it off so well, that it's makes it hard to believe that no instruments or computers were involved.

Back in April, a friend linked me to a YouTube video by beatboxer Dub FX, for a song called Flow. Fifteen or so watches later, I knew I had to pick up the album, which I did a few weeks ago. I was a little skeptical, but I have to say, it's very, very impressive, and I'm having a hard time putting it down. Call me naive, but in some parts I actually have a hard time accepting the fact that it's beatboxed beats I'm listening to, and nothing else.

To create more robust music, Dub FX (and other beatboxers) use loop pedals to play back the music they've created, then sing over it. Other techniques are used to create even more robust music, but ultimately, the source music is from the mouth and nothing else. You can check out the video above to get a sample of Dub FX's music, and also check out his official site.

I'm sure there are thousands of beatboxers worthy of mention, but another group in particular I find to be quite amazing (despite the musical genre not really being to my tastes) is Naturally 7. This is a seven-part R&B band, and again, all the music is created with the mouth. Want to be impressed? Check out the video.


Dub Fx the street-loop-beatboxer grew up in St Kilda / Melbourne / Australia performing in various bands before hitting the world-wide road. Dub Fx uses Roland BOSS effect & loop pedals to create sounds which when layered creates a live musical construct. Predominantly Dub Fx can be found busking through Europe with his Girlfriend the 'Flower Fairy' who also performs along side.

Source: Dub FX Official Site