Minimize and Maximize Buttons Removed in GNOME 3


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As far as desktop environments go, there are none quite as controversial as GNOME. The reason is that the GNOME developers have often implemented features (or feature reductions) that have been considered important, and to some, the changes make sense, while to others, it might seem that the developers are just stubborn and want to change whatever they feel the need to.


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Things like that make me glad I do use Windows.... the minimize/maximize issue seems okay as the revised method would work fine. But why the hell would the OS not allow the laptop to stay on when the lid is closed? That's borderline asinine, I guess the dev team never took a full load of college classes before. Even if they didn't do it personally, they'd have at least noticed the huge number of students that flip a machine closed to walk down the hall to the next class that starts in 3 minutes, just to name one obvious example. :D Or they would be familiar with some professors that want laptops shuttered for a few minutes during a part of lecture, then expect the students to be instantly ready to take notes again afterwards. I don't care how fast Linux boots, it wouldn't be fast enough on a laptop hard drive. There's a countless number of reasons to have that functionality.


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And therein lies the problem with Linux environments. The developers implement all kinds of fancy stuff (rotating cube desktops and other special effects come to mind), but neglect to include necessary and actually useful features.