Microsoft vs. Google: Which Won the Search Game in 2011?

Rob Williams

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When Microsoft launched its Bing search engine in 2009, it seemed few believed that Microsoft had what it took to go head-to-head with the all-mighty Google, but as it is today, Bing has experienced some major success. There was once a time when Mozilla, which is partnered with Google, suggested moving over to Bing, and as we discovered a few months ago, Bing has proven itself to deliver more accurate search results.


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Rob Williams

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I'm rooting for Microsoft. I hate Google, and with a passion.

I agree. I don't Google's policies or the people who head the company. Unfortunately, I've had to made sacrifices to go against my hate for the company because some of its services are just too convenient and work too well. There was a point when I'd be going out of my way and complicating things just to avoid Google, so I had to give in.


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>> but of all the people I know, I seem to be alone. I don't know a single person who uses Bing

... that's because you never asked me :)

>> and all who know about it simply couldn't imagine moving away from Google.

When I did the move I was surprised as to how simple it actually was. I did it around the time Google introduced that left-side bar without any option to disable it. That move from the company irritated me, since Google had become the number 1 search engine and all but completely destroyed the then portal-like search engines also because of the simplicity of its interface.

I sort of felt weird moving away from Google. But in fact, it's all in our heads. Changing the default search engine on my browser didn't suddenly explode my computer or made me less capable of finding the information I want on the web.

I do use google occasionally. Not for technical info (I can't find a difference between it and Bing), but when I'm searching usenet, or when I happen to already be on the google search engine and need to search something. Can't be bothered to switch to Bing just to make a point.


I personally stick with Google, but simply because I don't see a reason to switch. Is there any benefits of Bing over Google? Do you get more accurate results, is the searching faster, less ads, etc.?

For a browser you can say how Chrome is faster, or FireFox has lots of add-ons, or something isn't as secure, etc., but is there really a point in switching search engines?


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but is there really a point in switching search engines?

If it works better for you then yes. Ive been through bing a few times and I never liked it much. For the moment I will stick with Google's search engine.

I remember using WebCrawler, it was THE search engine to use at the time. I am probably guilty of using it when it was Excite later on as well. I cant remember for sure where I went. Probably yahoo but I remember our school had us using Ask Jeeves which was a pretty novel solution at the time. I know I fell in love with Google and hated Yahoos pretty useless results for some of my searches.


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On my W7 Samsung phone I use Bing exclusively. It really listens to me. Well sort of, more like talking to a teenager.:rolleyes:

On the computers I switch around between Google (default), Bing, Dogpile, & Ask. Sometimes I think I just like Dogpile because of the name.


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Eventually, Google will have nowhere to go but down. Same for Microsoft. That is, if our governments will let them die. Stop worshipping monopoly capitalism.

I still use Google myself because, as some of you said, it's so convenient. As long as that's the case, it'll stay at the top. If someone comes along with something better, they'll get our business.

It's the natural cycle of things. The RIAA and crap like that need to realize things change. If they can't change with and keep offering something we want, their place is the rubbish bin of history.
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I used to use Yahoo. Before that ... AltaVista, Excite, and a bunch like that. I remember using Netscape! The Internet was a different place in the early 90's.