Microsoft information embedded in an Adobe disc?

Rob Williams

Staff member
Sure, first the CPU usage thread and this one. I'm all over the place. While getting things prepped for our upcoming CPU suite update, I decided to rip our Adobe discs to the PC as .iso for the sake of convenience, and I was a little surprised to see what publisher information was embedded on the disc:


That's right... Microsoft. Not just the name, but Microsoft's entire address and phone number. I'm not sure what to make of this. Adobe != Microsoft, so why is Microsoft's information printed into an Adobe disc (albeit digitally)? For fun, I looked close at the ring around the disc to see if there were other hints (there are some odd stuff printed on certain Microsoft discs), but no cigar.

Does Microsoft have some printing factory that it takes on orders in? Did Adobe move in with Microsoft and never told anyone? Are Adobe and Microsoft the same person? Am I lacking on sleep?

One of those I know the answer to for certain (hint: it's the last one).