Mega-Roundup: 100 Processors Compared

Rob Williams

Staff member
From our front-page news:
Well over a year ago, we linked to French site Matbe for one good reason. Although roundups are all-too-popular, not too many roundups involve over one hundred products. In that case, it was power supplies. But now, the same site has gone and done it again, but this time it's with processors, from the latest and greatest from Intel (QX9775) and AMD (X4 9950) to the much-older single-core Pentium 4's and Athlon 64's.

I'm not going to begin to imagine how much time this all took, or how one person can wind up with over 100 different processor models, but it's an amazing feat any way you look at it. Although the entire review is in French and I'm not sure of the methodology in place, the author looks pretty thorough in all of his testing. Some interesting benchmarks run include Excel 2007, 3ds Max 9, Photoshop CS3, TMPGEnc Xpress, among others.

Although the usefulness of such a roundup can be debated, it's interesting to see just how the processors scale, from models released four years ago to processors released just recently. Not surprisingly, Intel's 3.20GHz QX9770 took the cake in almost every one of the tests, but I'd expect that processor to lose its crown when Core i7 is released in the coming weeks (no-brainer).


Yes you read well, we propose comparative of 100 processors to you. Why 100? And why not. Beyond the fact that this figure is round and outstanding, we wanted to propose to you comparative complete which gives a progress report on the current offer of Intel and AMD, at the dawn of major changes in the world of the processors.

Source: Matbe (Babelfish Translation)