MAINGEAR Caves to Demand; Sells SHIFT Chassis on its Own

Rob Williams

Staff member
Of all the available computer chassis on the market, a personal favorite of mine is the SHIFT, from MAINGEAR. First touted as being the base to a "supercomputer", the company has remained ardent in keeping the chassis exclusive to those who purchase a complete PC. For those who have craved owning one but prefer to go the DIY route with everything, MAINGEAR's reluctance has been unfortunate.


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Tech Monkey
hmmmm now can I get this no cooler/audio card etc etc just THE CASE for less than an 800D? Hell no, $1038 for the case probably about $1100 shipped. For that price I could buy a MM mobo tray some steel and an 800D gut the back and make it vert and use the new mobo tray. Not that i would since I dont want 5000 wires sticking up from my PC, if anything at this point I would grab a second HAF X and bolt the pair together to make a awesome doublewide :p