looking forward to Intel Core i7-6950X ... 10 cores!


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Yes. I am building another new machine. This time it is replacing an old AMD dual-core Opteron 290s on a Supermicro dual socket m/b e/w 16 GB RAM. The system will not boot or even post. Replaced the power supply ... nope, not it. So, anyone want this mb with just the CPUs & RAM? It does not boot, don't know why but it is not worth it to me put any more time or money into. I will send anyplace if you pay the postage. ;) The case & drives are not included.

The case is a nice black Lian Li aluminum case. This versus the other 2 recent builds (described in the signatue below) in old beige steel cases. So I am not expecting to get harassed about the case this time. Well, it does not have a side with a window. :rolleyes:

I am still studying motherboards, but it will have USB 3.1 and capable of 128 GB RAM. Leaning towards this or that, as I don't need much more out of a mb.

This may be painful for some of you to read, but video is not a priority & may use the old Radeon 5770 card. I do run Nvidia Tesla GPGPUs (no video out) and it is recommended to pair the Teslas with a Quadro card for actual video.

The CPU will probably be water cooled and looking at Swiftech APOGEE Drive II CPU Waterblock with Integrated Pump hooked to Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta 120 Radiator. There is not a lot of area on the back of the case for a 120x240 radiator so I thought I would try thicker for easier mounting.

Coincidental with this, is the leaked announcement of the i7-6950X with 10 cores. Yup, that's high on the list. It is not available yet, so I have time to sort this out.

Anyone have thoughts? You don't have to be polite :eek: