Logitech mouse problems...


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So apparently... Logitect added a bit of script to their drivers that really ****s with you if ever do anything the completely removes setpoint, and or your mouse drivers...


This post gives you a way to correct the problem, but as it states... you are then using an unsigned driver... Which semi sucks, and windows doesn't like.

Now... a bug company like logitech would surely recognize this problem and correct it right away with a new version and download of their setpoint software and drivers right? ... ... ... This problem has apparently been evident since at least setpoint 4.0 and they are now on setpoint 4.6 with no edited drivers. THANKS LOGITECH!

I'm now going to copy pasta this guys idea in a quote so that... iunno... even if logitect deletes the post it exists some place?

ThePreacher said:
The "WDF Coinstaller installation", which is part of the SetPoint 4.0 drivers, is the cause. I was able to install this update only after unplugging my G7 Mouse. But upon re-plugging of the Mouse receiver on to the USB Port, the "WDF Coinstaller installation" launches again, and
1) hangs. INF install will not continue and the XP hardware update wizard takes forever;
2) sends a error code to the driver installer itself and than the hardware update wizard fails with a fatal error;

THE SOLUTION (this took three days for me to find it out):
go to \programs\common files\logitech\CDDRV (if you can't find this folder, simply seach for "LfMouHid.inf". Open the file for EDIT.
Delete this lines:

;--- WDF Coinstaller installation ------
LOGIHIDMOUSE_Inst_CoInstaller_CopyFiles = 11
HKR,,CoInstallers32,0x00010000, "WdfCoInstaller01005.dll,WdfCoInstaller"
WdfCoInstaller01005.dll=1 ; make sure the number matches with SourceDisksNames
KmdfService = LMouFilt, LOGIHIDMOUSE_wdfsect
KmdfLibraryVersion = 1.5
;-------end of WDF section
Save the .inf file. Launch the driver update wizard again, select "manual" and point to the CDDRV folder. Select the new edited "LfMouHid.inf" file and THE 4.00 DRIVER WILL BE INSTALLED WITHOUT PROBLEMS!!
The only thing is, since we have edited the inf-file, the driver is not signed anymore, but who cares?

Try this, post your results!

I hope this will finally help...

Krazy K

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So what they did is make it very difficult for you to migrate away from Logitech devices by removing your mouse drivers when you remove setpoint?


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actually, setpoint holds the drivers for your logitech device. So you really only need it when using a logitech device... Not using it and using a device thats drivers are on it is near impossible unless you can find an alt driver source for it.

What they actually did was make it a ****ing headache to renew the drivers after that were un installed and you are not using the cd it came with for the initial install of logitech. Dunno if this was intentional or not... I doubt it. Logitech is usually good about support from my standpoint (though with a few things i think they simply say "yeah we have that" and never get past a basic function that someone else developed. I.e the wingman client)

If you already have your driver installed... Then you dont have the problem.

So what they did is make it very difficult for you to migrate away from Logitech devices by removing your mouse drivers when you remove setpoint?

In short... No, they make it difficult to come back to them if you dont have the cd that came with your product.

Rob Williams

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I am not sure why SetPoint would be required at all. I've plugged in mice and keyboards without installing SetPoint and those worked fine. It was the extra functionality that was a bit lacking. What exactly causes them to stop working?


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It would be the extras, yes. But simply reinstalling the latest version of setpoint doesnt fix the problem.