Linux Kernel 3.0 Released

Rob Williams

Staff member
With Linux set to celebrate its 20th anniversary next month, what better time than now to usher in a new major version number? That was Linus Torvalds' thoughts on things, and as a result of the micro version number for the 2.6 kernel becoming rather high (and somewhat comical), we're now pushing forward and entering the Linux kernel 3.0 age, ending active development of the 2.6 kernel (excluding patches).


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i'll start planning the ticker tape parade and get the keg, you call a press conference and handle the bbq, this calls for a celebration...and by "celebration" i mean an afternoon nap followed by a good wank.


No ROM battery
Yup. Definitely a little troll child. Goodbye.

Can't say it was nice to know you. It wasn't.


but he does have a point, 3.0 is just a version nr bump, no real changes (yet) ;)

I nearly orgasmd tough ;)