Linux Celebrates its 20th Birthday

Rob Williams

Staff member
On August 25, 1991, computer programmer Linus Torvalds posted a message to a Usenet group stating that he had begun work on a MINIX replacement, one that was just meant to be a "hobby". He said he was to be free, and said that it'd likely never support anything other than AT hard disks - as that's all he had at the time.


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Happy birthday. Think some of the earliest versions I ever used date back to the late 90s. Man that was a pain trying to get it to work on hardware. Glad your still alive and kicking.


Tech Monkey
This reminds me. Wenesday was Team Fortress 2's birthday! People had party hats, and the powers-ups and ammo crates were cakes and presents. And you'd turn into confetti when you explode. That was pretty fun.