Linus Urges Notebook Vendors to Produce 2560x1600 Models

Rob Williams

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When Google released its Nexus 10 tablet earlier this week, we saw a continuing of an obvious trend: high-resolution displays. It all started when Apple released its iPad "3", featuring a 2048x1536 10-inch display, and was followed-up by ASUS with its Transformer Infinity TF701, sporting 1920x1080. Now, we have Google's Nexus 10, another 10-inch tablet, but this time featuring a resolution of 2560x1600.


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Techgage Staff
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As much as I agree with Torvald's point of view here, the "reasonable resolution" bit is just silly. That's not a marketing term, and it's not even a specific term at all. A reasonable resolution means widely different things to different people. So in order for the general public to understand XYZ system offers an unmatched resolution above anything else in the market, it needs a marketing term and "Retina" does just fine.

Given Apple was the only company to force OEMs to begin building consumer IPS panels above 2560x1600 in the first place, they can call it whatever they please.


Tech Monkey
Meh, I would rather have 1080 on a laptop. Kinda depends since windows doesnt scale the ui like apple (which BTW is basically pointless) I would rather have the usable space over the "retina" 4 pixels for 1 junk.