Lexan Etching?


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Has anyone worked with etching lexan?

I'm replacing the stock side window on the Antec NineHundred case for a mod. With Red cold cathode lights inside, I want a logo to kind of glow on the window


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I have not but Tech-Daddy might have. If not, I would post on his forums over at Austin Modders (I think thats the site) or at Bit-Tech. They have a lot of modders hang out there. Perhaps even HardForum as much as I hate to recommend that site, they have a lot of members who can possibly be able to help you. When all else fails, the Google shall set you free!

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You'll probably want to read this: Engraving 101.

Here's a bit more.

The master of engraving is [WP@]WOLVERINE at Bit-tech.net.

I just checked with him and I think my crappy work PC is the reason that the pictures appeared to be down. Not only is Wolverine an awesome engraving artist, he responds to email FAST.

Here's blacklight demons
and here's puzzlebox. There were a couple iterations of this one, so earlier logs may contain more general instruction.

Here are a few other scattered pics that I stumbled upon that you probably don't need.
Found a couple...
Here's Puzzlebox.
Here's another blacklight demons log where it seems more pics are working.
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Hrmmmm.... I've Laser etched Acrylic, but never Lexan...

I mean, they are all polycarbonates, it's just how they are produced and each type has it's own strengths. I would think that laser etching on Lexan would be possible, I tend to use acrylic on all of my builds. If you go over to Austin Modders, and PM Sheldog23, he is the acrylic/polycarb master... he has forgotten more than I will *ever* know.

As for a service for the laser etching, if you want no holds bared, best service, go talk to the guys at http://www.hyperkore.com/

You cannot go wrong with them, simply stunning work.

If you want someone local, you can try a FastSigns of some other sign shop, Regal Plastics if you have one locally, or try and find a trophy shop that does their own work. They may have a laser or might be able to refer you to their provider.



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Man, they do some great work......a little pricey, but really nice.
What I'll do is to mask off the area and use a medium sandpaper.
It;s just a simple and small area.
I'm putting together a computer for my little brother in Fla., he's a NASCAR fan and I want to put the NASCAR logo on the window.
Now as for mine, I'm using the same material ( I'm guessing acrylic ) on the Antec Ninehundred side window, I have it already tinted orange, same as the helmet of the US Nano suit. On the other side, I want to dremel out a small area and put a window there with the Lexan piece that I have with another etching, it's all coming along slow.....it gives me time to expand my ideas



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If you want to try something else, get the logo that you want in a vector file format and size it to what you want and have a sign company cut it out of inexpensive vinyl. You will need it reverse cut since the adhesive would be on the front and you would be attaching it to the back of the window... then you could pick up an inexpensive sandblasting kit from the hobby store and you could sand blast the logo onto the back of the window, where the vinyl was cut out.

OR... (God, do I have tooo many options for this or what??!?! ;) ) Sign companies have a type of vinyl that is semi opaque. It mimics a fogged/blasted glass surface If you had the logo cut out of that material, you would have hte effect you were looking for with minimial effort, just the cost for hte vinyl cut out.


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Hey, that's an idea....
I have clear printable vinyl sheets, I could just mirror the image and do it that way

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