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Hi all, this is just a brief introduction. I am by most gaming standards an "older person" and I am also computer illiterate, so I humbly ask your patience. I have played a few games online, but all have been of the "plug and play" variety. I have never ventured into the realm of the keyboard controlled character. But recently made a purchase of a PC game that has left me no choice. And I have discovered that my (very old) keyboard is inadequate.

Thus I need your assistance. I am looking for a replacement keyboard, was looking at the Logitech G11, or one of the Razors, but I need to know if it will let me revert from normal work on my PC and gaming. (Remember, I am computer illiterate). The simpler the transition, the better. I am simply one of those people that has a mental block when it involves technology.

Any help out there from some of you tech savvy people out there would be appreciated.
Thanks all :)


Thanks Doomsday, the stealth was the Razor I was considering. When I contacted Razor to purchase, they didnt have the stealth in stock. So, being the impatient person I am, also considered the Logitech G11. Maybe I should wait for the one I really want.

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I deleted your other post in Gaming since this seems to be the active one and they're identical.

Any of those gaming keyboards will work for both gaming and everyday use. The only difference between a normal keyboard and gaming boards really is that most gaming boards have some extra buttons for macros, and the keys may be backlit. Other than that, there's really no difference. Each gaming keyboard comes with software that allows you to customize the keys for gaming too.

Also, these forums are more active in the later hours of the day when the regulars are off work and browsing. If you post in the daytime like you did, don't expect a reply for a few hours most of the time ;)

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A good keyboard will be suitable for both regular work and gaming, and between the G11 and Stealth, I'd have to say I'm more attracted to the Stealth. The only thing I dislike is that the macro keys are on the left side of the keyboard, where I expect the Ctrl and such to be located. As someone who doesn't use macros ever, I'd rather them be located on top, out of the way.

Welcome to the site! And as TCS said, things are a bit slow here sometimes, but we try to tackle posts as soon as we can.


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Welcome to Techgage! Sometimes the answers aren't immediately forthcoming here, but stick around and you'll find they're often better thought out. :D

...and you'll find good questions often beget more questions, and there can exist healthy difference of opinion too:

My guess is that you don't need or want anything near a $140 backlit mechanical gaming keyboard, but to answer your question, any gaming keyboard should be suitable for everyday use as well.

- Does it need to be backlit?
- Are you familiar with the benefits (durability, typist?) and drawbacks (annoying fanboism, clack-clack-clack) of mechanical keyboards?
- What's the game? Don't be embarrassed. :D
- Ever heard of anyone being disappointed with a Logitech keyboard of their customer service?

I'll answer that last one: it's never happened and they sell (conservatively) 100X more keyboards than Razer.

Let the healthy difference of opinion commence! :p

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If you aren't looking all the extras, macro keys and the like, I cannot recommend the Saitek Eclipse II enough. Seriously, I own three and have been using that model of keyboard since mid 2006 (OMG!).

As eunoia said, "Ever heard of anyone being disappointed with a Logitech keyboard of their customer service?"

Good luck. Feel free to stick around :)