Is water cooling worth it?

Rob Williams

Staff member
Haha, that BBQ store is wicked.

It's actually pretty easy to get a near quiet comp I think. Some water kits out there even have North/South bridge water blocks.. which would be nice. Add a fanless PSU and you're set, although I'd rather not personally go that route.


And for total silence, the Reserator seems to be the way to go.

But it seems to have its limits on how much it can cool without the aid of a fan, unless you could mod your fridge for it to cool that hunk of a radiator.

Fans won't go away completely, since our usual watercooling system has small radiators that must be cooled...unless you like boiling water to burst into the system! Yikes :)

And my radiator is about a foot long, half a foot wide, and 1.5 inch thick w/ two 120mm fans that operate pretty quietly, so besides the chipset fan, my computer is silent and handsomely cooled! :cool: