IS my hdd dead


my hdd is wd sata II internal 500g that i use as external
yesterday while a was deleting some old information it stop :mad::mad::mad:
after that i tray connect it again i find that it start to click tow time in regaler base while spinning
after pot the electricity in with out the sata cable it spin and did not click :eek::eek::eek:but
when i pot the sata cable it click again ????:confused::confused::confused:
the computer recognize but say formate and i don't want to format
is it the hdd dead or alive????

Rob Williams

Staff member
If able, I'd take the hard drive out of the enclosure and then install it into your PC directly, to see if the drive is still alive or not. External enclosures are notorious for being hugely unreliable over a long period of time. The drive might be fine... and it could be that the enclosure has just gone kaput.