Intel's New Server CPUs Boast Faster Speeds and Lower Power Consumption

Rob Williams

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From our front-page news:
Intel might be finished with their Core 2-derived desktop processors, but the server market is still feeling their love, as the company has just launched four new models that boast fast clock speeds and lower power consumption. All of the new processors are LGA771-based and are designed for dual-processor platforms, which means any of them will work fine in the Skulltrail motherboard.

Of the new processors is a new high-end model that surpasses even the X5482 (QX9775) in terms of raw performance, as it's clocked at 3.4GHz. It features a 1600MHz FSB along with the 12MB of L2 cache we've come to expect. Despite being clocked a bit faster than the X5482, the X5492 retains its 150W TDP. Besides that, the new X5470 is another Quad-Core clocked at 3.33GHz (1333MHz, 120W) and the X5270, a new Dual-Core model, is Intel's current highest-clocked part, at 3.5GHz.

Of the new launches, the most interesting might be the L5430, a 2.66GHz part which features a 50W TDP, 45W lower than the TDP of the equivalent Q9450 on the desktop. The premium is a few hundred dollars, but it's good to know Intel is able to pump out CPUs like this now. It's just too bad we're unlikely to see specs like this on our current generation.

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Although much of the focus in recent weeks has been on upcoming chips based on the next-generation Nehalem microarchitecture, Intel isn't yet finished advancing its Penryn-based 45nm processors, as witnessed by today's introduction of a new revision of its dual-socket Xeon server/workstation-class CPUs. This new E-stepping silicon brings a bit of a clock frequency increase and some minor reductions in power draw to the Harpertown Xeons.

Source: Tech Report