Intel's Nehalem to Launch Week of November 9th?

Rob Williams

Staff member
From our front-page news:
According to a few sources close to Fudzilla, Intel's first Nehalem processors will be launching in week 46, which equates to the week of November 9th. Whether or not product will actually be available that week is another thing, although it seems likely. We've already assumed that mid-November would be the launch anyway, so this rumor somewhat solidifies that.

You can expect our review of the new high-end processor prior to the release, so you can get a good idea of what you're in for, but let's quickly recap what makes Nehalem special. As we found out at Intel's Developer Forum just last month, Nehalem will include many new features not found on current-gen processors, such as Turbo Mode (renamed to Dynamic Speed Technology), three-channel memory (insane bandwidth) and far-improved power features that allows the CPU to shut cores off when not in use.

As we've already established many times before, Intel plans to launch three processors on the same day, or so it seems, which would be far different than their usual launch plans which usually sees the Extreme Edition launched first. The highest-end Core i7 965 will be clocked at 2.93GHz, the Core i7 940 at 2.93GHz and the Core i7 920 at 2.66GHz. All three CPUs share the same amount of cache and other specs.


A few sources have told us that first of Nehalem generation, Core i7 CPU codenamed Bloomfield will launch in week 46. The launch should take a place between 10th and 14th of November and we've learned that Japanese part of Intel might get a green light to start selling its units a bit earlier.

Source: Fudzilla