Intel X48 vs NForce 780i



Anyone has any thoughts or experience about these 2 chipsets?

Basically I am considering between Asus RamPage Formula and Asus Striker II Formula. One uses X48 while the other uses 780i. Talked to some salesmen and most of them recommended RamPage due to Intel's branding, stability and reliability.

Is 780i really that bad? Any comments are welcomed!



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Intel's are nice but they use DDR3 versus DDR2 (which is cheaper and can be nearly as fast as DDR3) and don't offer SLI support which is a real downside if you're looking to build an SLI PC. Feature wise, it's more up to the motherboard maker as to what they choose to implement as they can leverage the chipset as far as it can go and even add things that the chipsets lack. A good example is the MSI boards coming out now. Their upper end boards now feature Creative X-Fi audio onboard versus the host based hi-def found in the current generation of chipsets. Yes, some people consider a Creative product to be a con but if you just have to have hardware DSP then they're the only game in town as all the other onboard solutions are software based DSP which offloads the DSP duties to the CPU. That can have a negative impact on framerates.

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