Intel X38 Chipset Slips Again

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    From our front-page news:
    The road to X38 has been a long one, but it's only a matter of a few more weeks before embargo lifts and products will be readily available. Some e-tailers have already been offering a few X38 models over the past few weeks, but all are still bound to consist of problems, since BIOS updates are constantly being released.

    Oddly enough, the X38 platform will be offered with a 1333FSB, while 1600FSB processors will be released the following month. It's not unlikely that the first X38 boards on the market will offer BIOS updates to make 1600FSB a stock option, but it's strange why Intel didn't just wait to release X38 at the same time as Penryn and just offer both with 1600FSB.

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    Intel circulated a memo over the weekend detailing the new embargo details with a "firm" release date of October 10, 2007. However, the company has a history of lifting embargos early. Furthermore, some X38 motherboards are, and have been, available in the retail channel for the better part of September. These motherboards certainly need BIOS updates, but do not physically differ from the boards expected to launch on October 10.

    Source: DailyTech

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