Intel Reports Record Year for Revenue: $54 Billion

Rob Williams

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We posted earlier this week that Intel might experience a hit to its sales revenue during 2012 due to the timing of Windows 8's launch, but putting that aside for the time-being, the company has just announced its best-ever year-over-year financial report. In total, the company reached $54 billion in total revenue, a staggering 24% bump from the previous year. With this, Intel now generates over $1B per week in revenue on average.


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Partition Master
Are you sure IBM's yearly revenue was only $54 billion for the entire year (as if that' small)?

It's just that I thought that IBM's revenue would be at least equal, if not greater, than Apple's? In its last quarterly results Apple alone took in over $28 billion, making it one of the few companies on the planet a true $100 billion dollar a year company, and this quarter, including its year-end results, are predicted to show it earning, in the last three months alone, between $33-$38 billion, meaning its revenues will be more than twice that of Big Blue, and making iit worth more than the entire nation of Greece!

Apparently, somebody's been selling a lot of iPhones and iPads lately.


Techgage Staff
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Intel's revenue has always dwarfed IBM's... keep in mind most of the servers IBM builds are based around Intel's own chips these days, too.

Fourth Quarter 2011
Apple - $28.27 Billion
Intel - $13.9 Billion
IBM - $5.49 billion

Apple sells multiple devices to individual consumers, and there's billions of consumers out there buying them. IBM sells servers (& software), which aren't exactly replaced nearly as quickly as consumer systems. And while I may be wrong, as I recall the majority of IBM servers ship with Intel processors. Only a few use AMD, and mostly the big iron or super-computing related stuff gets Power7.

All of this is exactly why Apple took over the #1 company on cooperate valuation, they're valued higher than even oil companies, at least on a good day. They were trading places with ExxonMobile for a few days there