Intel D5400XS... Where Are You Hiding?

Rob Williams

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From our front-page news:
Just over a month ago, we posted our preview of Intel's <strike>Skulltrail</strike> Dual Socket Extreme Desktop Platform, and it only took a few weeks before it was officially announced. That was a full 22 days ago. The problem that lingers is that it's still incredibly difficult for anyone to purchase what they need to build a system.

The QX9775 processors began to show up on store shelves (TG shopping link) a few weeks ago, and as expected, the prices hover between $1,600 - $1,700. So what's the problem, if the processors are readily available? The D5400XS motherboard, which is designed to pair up with these processors, is not readily available.

What a predicament. These ultra-high-end processors are there for the taking, but for some reason, the motherboard is MIA. What makes this situation more frustrating is the fact that there are no real substitutes for the D5400XS. You can use a standard 5400-based server board, but it will not be tweaked for enthusiast purposes, nor include support for SLI. To complicate things even further, ASUS' Skulltrail solution, the Z7S WS, is also not available at this time. It at least would be a competent substitution, but even it lacks SLI support.

I've pinged both Intel and ASUS regarding status on their motherboards and will fill you guys in once I hear back. For those looking for the budget route, don't forget about our "Building an affordable Skulltrail system" article, which offers solutions to build a similar kick-ass system for just under $3,000.

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Consisting of two Extreme Quad-Core processors, Intel is looking to redefine what we know as "high-end". Skulltrail is touted as being the "ultimate" enthusiast platform, offering SLI and Crossfire support, huge overclocking abilities and enough sheer power to make the competition weep.

Source: Techgage's Intel Skulltrail Preview