Intel Announces '3D' Tri-Gate Transistors; Set for Use with 22nm Production

Rob Williams

Staff member
In what it touts as being the most significant technological announcement of the year, Intel this morning unveiled its "3D" transistor to the world - one that can dramatically improve both power efficiency and performance. Though considered "3D", the official name is "Tri-Gate", and that refers to the fact that the "source" and "drain" current throughput are based on a literal 3D design, where a "fin" is raised and can affect the gate on three sides, rather than just one, as seen in normal planar designs.


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Techgage Staff
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Sooo 3D, but not the actual 3D circuits they mentioned some time back, where the core gets stacked vertically on itself. Interesting change though, glad to always see new innovations like this coming out of Intel.

My only question is, will SB-E use this tri-gate process?