If Microsoft was Open Source, would it have LESS bugs?


T-Shirt said:
That's right, it MAY be a viable business model in the future, but alot of people need to use their computers for the next 9 years without having to learn a new O/S, different tools, different apps. (all very similar, yet not quite the same as MS)

I totally agree with T-Shirt. People will use their computers for the next 9 years, then after those 9 years are over, they will have put a substantial investment into Mcirosoft O/S. They will then justify continue to use it because of all the investment, etc. It forms a repeating series of events. People buy the software, invest into it, and justify continue using it.


skyrise said:
What is StarOffice. I never heard of it.

Star Office was Sun Microsystems version of an office-like product meant to compete with Microsoft's Office. I haven't read too much about it. Sort of passed away into obscurity.


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StarOffice is Sun Microsystems' commercial office suite software package. StarOffice is the commercialized version of the open-source codebase developed by OpenOffice.org with some additional features.


Unfortunately the source is wrong in this case.

I remember StarOffice. StarOffice came out <b>before</b> OpenOffice, thus it can't be the commercialized version of it, if it came out before it! Somebody got things backwards on that wikipedia page.