Humble Bundle 4 Launches with 7 Awesome Indie Titles

Rob Williams

Staff member
Yet another Humble Bundle has launched, and this one is goood (it does in fact earn that extra 'o'). This time around, seven excellent indie titles are up for grabs including Super Meat Boy, Bit.Trip Runner, NightSky HD, Shank and Jamestown, with Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles tossed in as extras if you pay more than the average ($4.80 at the time of writing).


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Excellent offering, no doubt. Possibly the best in quite a while. But... when the Humble Indie Bundle kicked in sometime in mid 2010, it was magic. It was the talk in the tubes and everyone was excited at a brilliant idea and execution. The second and the Frozenbyte Humble bundle still carried with them that magic moment when a Humble Bundle is active.

But then, at least to me, it started to lose a lot of appeal. Sure the offers are always something to look for. But at least to me, that "magic" was lost. Too many bundles with very little time between them just contributed to make this a commonplace, boring even.

The following is a chart I drew from data on Wikipedia, showing the timespan between bundles:


I dunno. I have no argument to throw on why a Humble Bundle shouldn't just happen every month or two. But sure thing, the whole concept is now just yet another digital distribution venue. One I look now purely as "what I can gain from it" instead of "what I can contribute to it". A shame.

Rob Williams

Staff member
That problem is one we discussed in our IRC chat room a fair bit. At first, Humble Bundle felt like an amazing thing, and at once-per-quarter, it seemed time well. But with it moving to a monthly scheme along with the addition of the Indie Royale bundle, I'd have to agree that some of the luster has been lost.

That said, I don't blame them for releasing more regular packs, because it's clear that there's still huge demand for whatever gets released there. Chances are they will run into a problem of running out of good games to offer than running out of support. I am on their mailing list and whenever I finally get an e-mail about a new HB, the bundles sold is already into the tens of thousands.

If anything, I'm glad it's remained a continued success especially for the developer's sake. If they can keep their pockets full and continue to release new games, I can't complain.


Forgive me for this un-knowledgeable question, but what is Humble Bundle about? Are there any monthly charges or stipulations to joining?