HP Laserjet 4 won't work


Must be a village idiot, got this for nada, lady said it works great...hooked added via add printer...click print nada, anyone happen to have the user manual laying about?


That was harder than I thought to find! Here ya go: http://houseofstrauss.co.uk/modules/wfdownloads/singlefile.php?cid=4&lid=61

Is it giving any sort of error msg?

Thanks, found that one, safely stowed in pdf format....is rather heady is a service manual....hope to scrounge up a users manual a little easier to wrap my tiny mind around. heh.

Hopes I can figure it out, have almost 3 cartridges so dats a heap of printing.
I have a hard time reading lengthy, indepth stuff on a monitor, old school I guess likes that printed page. hades did not expect to be such a pain, but I got into comps right around when the AMD 2000+ came out, got interested when I was given a IBM 486DX WIn 3.11 comp, kept me occupied and distracted while the SSA drug their heels, only experience has been with usb printers..sooooo easy man.

And nope no errors, have installed with a parallel cable to the magenta mb port LPT1 I assume, Added printer via control panel/add printer..XP had the driver sitting in there....and it mocks me.

The little HP Deskjet D1320, is working fine, may be able to print out the Service manual if there is any ink left.

Went on a Craigs list free stuff run this morning, the HP laserJet 4, 2 extra toner carts, 2 Epson CX5200's no ink can't test if they print, and its way to much for my disabilty income budget to snag any, the HP Deskjet D1320, D2330, 3520 latter two untested, 1/2 dozen external dial up modems lol, assorted ac adapters, 2 standard 17" crt monitors, couple keyboards, crap I have no clue what it is haha..was a take all or nothing scenario.

Hopefully will get the laser printer working.

Thanks man appreciate the link...it turned up easier than I thought would when I googled ...a users manual is elusive though.

peace Out