Home Theater Reciever died...


Tech Monkey
If he is a Sony guy and that receiver is close to what he has in functionality and design then you would be best off going with it. Sure there are going to be better (read more expensive) options, but I find when looking for something with the specific requirements you have, nothing beats familiarity. Sony does build with extremely high quality as well. I have a 15+ year old Sony 5.1 receiver that still works great. In fact, it's a shame you don't live near me, I'd make you a helluva deal on it, lol.

Rob Williams

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I know absolutely nothing about receivers, unfortunately, but I agree with Bill's logic. Sony has never been known for its poor quality, and if that's what he's used to, that receiver looks perfect.


Well he went with it anyway...it is nice. The problem is, the BD doesn't play 5.1...only stereo...works fine for DVDs. I'll investigate and see what's going on..


Techgage Staff
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I'm in the market for a receiver myself, will be my first so I'm taking a crash course in learning about this stuff. Loads of fun! At any rate it seems like a decent receiver, has the sound decoding options, 7.1 channel, plenty of HDMI ports, fair price...

As for what could be going on, what happens if he configures it to 5.1 mode during Blu-Ray playback? The A/V has all the proper audio decoders so that isn't it. Is it wired with HDMI, optical, or phono cables? I'd suspect it just wasn't configured for proper 5.1 playback via the controls, a friend has to manually set his A/V to get the correct sound channels for most types of media.