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The One, The Only...
being named a cherokee word, i know how names go. (and i knew rory was irish actually)

Now for the joke thread about the pic... 0.o My fav of rob by far more comical than this one. Please give me something more to work with in the humor department.

Rory Buszka

Partition Master
Click on my avatar. My profile pic is the funniest picture that I think exists of me. There was one other, but it got deleted accidentally. It surely won't help me promote a professional image of myself.


Greetings all! I just signed up today because of the quality article on the PC Mover program. Something about me?...well, I like computers (duh) but didn't get into them until midway through college. My father wanted a new computer so I read up on custom builds and spent $1500 on good hardware. That was some decent change back in 1998 for a computer wasn't it? I am 41 years old living in Idaho and am dating a crazy woman (believe me..sometimes I wonder about her jelousy) LOL!

I'll be planning on upgrading my rig soon since it's 5 years old but speedy enuff, OC and all. Take care all!


(ps I am not into rap music, just liked the name (undercover/under wraps).

Rob Williams

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Welcome to the forums man! When the time comes to upgrade, don't hesitate to post here and ask for advice :D