HeadRoom Announces The Audiophile Desktop

Rob Williams

Staff member
From our front-page news:
Last week, HeadRoom, a popular virtual retailer which specializes in audiophile gear, released what seems to be one of the most insanely expensive and probably one of the best sounding setups ever. The "Audiophile System," which is said to provide "exquisite aural experience" while maintaining a practical and accessible workspace.

Separating you from your money gets you a pair of speakers, headphones, an AMP, cables and stands, which doesn't sound like a lot until you realize that the base configuration starts at $3,631.50 along with shipping. The produces included have been available from HeadRoom and other manufacturers for some time now, but if you're in the need for a setup that will surely provide you with audio bliss, look no further.

The package may be expensive, but as any plastic-holding audiophile will tell you, high-end gear will cost you, but those with golden ears will surely hear the difference. HeadRoom also gives you the freedom to pick and choose parts on an individual basis, so you can remove things you may not need, such as the $500 speaker stands.


Audio enthusiasts who sit in front of a computer all day and yearn for a high quality listening experience should turn off their computer speakers and listen to this. HeadRoom Corporation (a Bozeman Montana based firm) has recently redefined high-end computer workstation listening with the introduction of their Audiophile Desktop System which delivers what can only be described as a miniature high-end listening room experience on your desk.

Source: HeadRoom Press Release , Via: Head-Fi