Have an Intel H67/P67 Motherboard? What Should You Do?

Rob Williams

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Intel yesterday made quite an impact around the Web, but not in a good way. The company of course announced that most of its shipped H67/P67 chipsets include a SATA-related fault, and immediately, news sites all over reported on it, and consumers who either just built a Sandy Bridge rig, or had plans to, were hit with whiplash, unsure of what to do.

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Techgage Staff
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Anand has a follow up with a technical breakdown of the issue located here. Pretty much the only solution has been already mentioned, use the built-in SATA 6Gb/s ports or use any ports assigned to a 3rd party Marvel/JMicron controller to avoid the problem altogether.

They estimate it will be a month before Intel ships revised chipsets to manufacturers, and longer still for them in turn to manufacture boards in significant quantity, meaning March is a conservative estimate. Given board makers need fixed chipsets to replace RMA products + manufacture new boards + replace the thousands of motherboards already on store shelves I'm going to estimate it will be April or May before things begin to return to normal... and I'm not even talking about the mobile chipsets. Given notebooks would tie into the SATA 6GB/s ports by default if they were present might allow many laptops to avoid any delays.

Also as a side note, Newegg has already removed all H67 and P67 boards from their site.


Tech Monkey
Lololol too bad for 99% of users will never have a problem so no reason to panic unless your building an HP slimline with it.