Has RIM's Subscriber Base Flatlined?

Rob Williams

Staff member
In recent years, there have been very few companies that have had as grim a future as Research in Motion. Time and time again, it seems like the final straw for the company lingers right around the corner, yet it continues to coast along - somehow. Now, don't get me wrong - I don't want to see RIM disappear. It's becoming increasingly difficult to imagine the company turning things completely around, however, especially in a world dominated by Android and iOS.


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Techgage Staff
Staff member
A flat line would be an improvement for the company, honestly.

RIM made the mistake of basing the majority of its business upon businesses, major corporations, and governments with its business-centric focus. Which is fine, but they stopped innovating and planning ahead. It gave them plenty of years of profit, but once the first iPhone launched It only took a few years of consumers and employees of said organizations growing attached to a better, more versatile smartphone before those major organizations started to change their buying habits to match..

My mother works for a municipality, and said city is just one of many that has bought its employees iPhones since that is what their IT supports now. RIM spent years enjoying the cash cow market it created, but they never planned ahead to keep control of it. Now that they've become a sideline player in their own marketspace, and they would have to reinvent the phone if they wanted to stay in it at this point.