Half-Life 2 - Who is still playing this timeless classic?

Tom Roeder

Staff member
Like the title says - who?

I was only introduced to this game about a year ago and am still addicted. I am a FPS fanatic, and this one may be the greatest of all time, although I do really enjoy the Battlefield games.


Rob Williams

Staff member
I know I've told this story a hundred times, but after Episode 2 came out, I had planned to go through HL2 and both of its episodes again right before EP3 came out. Joke's on me...

So that said, I haven't gone through the game in many years, but I do plan to soon. I couldn't agree more with it being a "timeless classic". I open it up once in a while just to test some things out, and I always get hit with that nice feeling of nostalgia.


Soup Nazi
I have never played any of the Boarderlands games - they good?

2 is fantastic. I hated it at first because I was expecting it to have more RPG elements to it but after I got around my issues with it and got my head wrapped around the UI, it's fantastic. 1, well I played it a tiny bit and the fact that you can no longer move after getting health gated kills it for me because to get back out of fight for your life mode requires an enemy kill and the friggin' enemies just run away and you can't chase after them. In 2 you can still move, slower, true but at least you've got a decent chance.


I play HL2DM sometimes. Not much of the single player after beating them a couple times. Great games though!


Tech Monkey
I absolutely love Half Life 2, including both episodes! I play through them every so often. I just wish they'd release the next episode, but I'm not holding my breath. I'd like to play Half-life: Alyx but I don't have a VR headset.