Guide: Securing your forum account with two-factor authentication

Rob Williams

Staff member
Users wanting to enhance their security on our forums can enable two-factor authentication. Doing so means that a special time-limited code will be sent to you via email or an app (eg: Google Authenticator) that will ultimately grant you access to your account. You will have the option to require a code every time you log in, or set up (to) a 30 day lenience before requiring it again (clearing cookies will reset this).

To set up 2FA, you need to hover over (desktop) or tap (mobile) your username at the top of the page, and then click the "Two-Step Verification" option.


You should be prompted to input a password. You will then have to choose between the app or email method of receiving codes:


If you go the app route, you'll be greeted to a screen like this:


With your mobile authenticator, you can now scan the provided QR code, or input the plain text code underneath it, and then click to verify.

To receive a code by email, simply choose to receive them with that option, and provide the code sent to your inbox.

With 2FA set up, you should log out and back in again. Enjoy your heightened security!