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Oh, and by pick of the day, I mean pick. One pick. It's what you all get.


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hmmmm, thinking about soaping windows ... uhh, did I just say windows in non-OS sense.:eek:

Interesting find, thank Greg


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It's indeed a great tool. And the freeware version is all that is usually required.

The Professional version adds various graphical representation of the disk usage, which is mostly just unneeded fluff. But it does come with one excellent duplicate file finder. It searches for duplicate files across one or more storage units in record time and with a very good results pane that makes it easy to choose what to delete and what to keep.


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Day 3:

CSVed. A CVS file editor.

Tired of Excel messing with your CVS files, pretending it knows how you want dates formated or how your numeric values should be represented? Me too. That's why I don't use Excel anymore to create or edit CSV files.



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I still kinda like SpaceMonger for tracking down what's taking up drive space. There's a newer non-free version that has even better functionality, but the free one is excellent. Link

It can start from the root drive or any folder or storage device, and gives the user the ability to launch files or view any folder/subfolder displayed by right-clicking in the desired area. Each colored box is a folder level or single file.

It keeps proportions intact to make at a glance checking easy, and took just 4 seconds to generate this screenshot. The window size can be changed and everything will resize itself accordingly to keep proportions intact, with file names and new folder directors appearing as the window size permits.

Thanks to all my virtual machines I'm experimenting with and Steam there isn't much to see at the root C: level... :D
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Note that "newer" is 5 years old. SpaceMonger has been discontinued for that long. I used it for some time. But couldn't get used to the treemap graphical representation of the disk usage.