Google Chrome and downloads


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Has anyone else noticed Google Chrome is really picky about downloads? If it gets interrupted or sometimes even if you pause it, Chrome refuses to resume the download. I've been trying to download the latest Fedora and I've finally switched to Firefox!


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It may sound cliche, but try using a torrent instead. Torrents allow for checksums on a per chunk basis, as well as resume and such, plus you're not putting a strain on their servers (depending). The checksum is vital, since you are dealing with a bootable OS ISO image, you can run an MD5 check after if you wish, but if the torrent checks fine, then the whole download should to. Minimizes the risk of HTTP interruption causing problems too.


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Yeah go with what Tharic said. I downloaded OpenSUSE and BackTrack using torrents from their respective sites. Works a whole lot better than direct links.