Good, durable headset?


I need a headset that'll last me a long time.
14 hours a day of use, every day, and last atleast a year.

I've went though so many headphones, my longest lasting being 7 months my Turtle Beach HPA2 headset is finally crap. Both straps for the head belt thingy broke off ages ago, and now one side has completely cut out..
So I need a new headset.

Under $100 please, over 100 is cool but it'd have to be super amazing.

Please help me guys!!


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Logitech G35s i use! I have them on for hours when gaming and r very comfortable. Though never wore them for 14 hrs, lol! but they be really good! just my suggestion. There r loads more out there though! :D


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lol he said under $100, that ones around $125. I got one at wal-mart for around $35 last year, and it still works perfectly fine. I love it. For some reason I can't find it anywhere for the price I got it...everywhere I look now it's $75. here's a link if you want to look at it. Logitech Premium USB Headset 350. sound quality is amazing

and here's a pic.


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i'm using pc350's. going from hd555's to the pc350's was a bit weird at first, from hearing everything around you (fans, people talking and such) with the 555's to only hearing the PC sound with the 350's was weird. but now that i'm used to it they are awesome. and there senns so their built well. i've had my 555's for ever and they are still like new. i got the 350's on sale at ncix for $129, they'll prolly be on sale again soon and are defiantly worth it at that price.


I have the Logitech G35 as well and I would be inclined to suggest you don't get this headset. A quick google search for reviews will prove my assertion that the quality is hardly 7.1 as suggested. Additionally, the logitech software (mind you I own numerous logitech components including the G19, G13 pad and a G7 Mouse) for the headset seems a bit off.

Not to mention I had one of the early production sets and every ... couple hours without warning, a screeching noise would emit from the headphone and it was actually painful if the headset was on at the time.

I know your price range is beneath this set, but your are NOT missing out.

My sole recommendation in the headset selection process - get something that connects by USB in lieu of a mic and headphone jack.


the reason i suggested the pc350's is because of their size, they have large ear cups which cover your ears completely and makes them comfortable for hours of use, and the Op said 14h a day, with the smaller headsets they pinch against the ears and are not really that comfy for long term usage.