GOG.com Announces Schedule for Holiday Deals

Rob Williams

Staff member
Steam has become famous for offering some of the best game deals around, but this holiday season, GOG.com wants to make sure its name gets recognized as well by offering much of the same. What's being planned is quite impressive, so if you're a fan of gaming classics, then you'd do well to pay attention to this promotion.


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Tech Junkie
Already bought Witcher 2 when they discounted it to $29.99! Loving the Dark Mode as of now and the first WItcher Enhanced Edition is one of the best RPGs u'll ever get to play! :D

The only thing i complain bout Witcher 2 is that its not Witcher 1! All those console type button smashing at the right moments sucks!


Tech Monkey
I will be picking up Witcher 2 and several others. I hate that I have to pay for games that I all ready have, but the 50% off is going to be worth it.