GO OC 2010 World Final Happening Tonight (And You Can Watch)

Rob Williams

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The time has arrived. The best overclockers in the entire world are all soon to get together under the same roof to duke it out and declare one Gigabyte's Overclocking Champion. As always, the champsionship is taking place in Taipei, Taiwan, but unlike the usual Taipei 101 location, the competition is instead being held in a factory in Creative Park.

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Best 'stache should get a bye to the finals!

Edited to add: Ouch, 11 P.M. Friday night. I guess if I stay in to watch this live I just crossed into major geekdom. Then again, a real geek would probably figure out how to record the stream. Little help?
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Just got home in time to watch matose hoist the cup, guess it'll show up on OCTV later on. Anybody watch?