Gigabyte's Atom-Powered M528 3G Due Out in June

Rob Williams

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From our front-page news:
UMPC Portal has the scoop on what could become the first MID on the market to feature Intel's new Atom mobile processor. It comes courtesy of Gigabyte, and is called the M528 3G, the 3G representing the upcoming mobile standard. The device packs in a speedy 800MHz Atom CPU, 800x480 touchscreen, 8GB worth of flash space, built-in GPS, 3 megapixel camera along with an 11Wh battery.

From both the specs and the picture alone, the M528 3G looks fantastic. The problem right now though, is pricing. Originally, the device was announced at $1,549 AUD ($1,452 USD), but that's undoubtedly expensive. So after the collective Internet flipped Gigabyte the bird, the price was dropped to $1,199 AUD. Still far too high, but it looks to stay that way for our friends down under.

The site further goes on to report that the new device might cost as low as $750 in the US, which would make it a far more attractive product. $1,000 is far too high, but $750 seems to be a sweet spot, given its capabilities. Release is slated for late June, so models should be readily on display at next month's Computex.

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Things to consider here include the fact that Tegatech are first out of the gate (if it was me I'd also add 10% for being the first to offer a desirable product) and the Australian sales tax that's included in the price. (10%) Also add another 10% for Australian pricing and perhaps 10% for being a specialist retailer but that still leaves you with a $900 price for a product that's supposed to be giving consumers the Internet in their pocket.

Source: UMPC Portal