GIGABYTE Urges X79 Users to Update to 'F7' BIOS in Light of Issues

Rob Williams

Staff member
GIGABYTE has admitted to a problem that exists with its X79 motherboards where extreme overclocking is concerned. Under certain circumstances, some components on the motherboard risk overheating to the point where they burn out - essentially rendering the motherboard useless. The affected models are G1. Assassin 2, GA-X79-UD7, GA-X79-UD5 and GA-X79-UD3.


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Partition Master
Well its good that they are taking care of their users in this mess. But I have been avoiding Gigabyte to be honest. Not that there is too many places to go its all about the same deal anywhere.


Tech Monkey
Wow.... I don't like gigabyte due to the crap bios implementations they have. Asus' new UEFI is awesome, so easy to use and I will never go back. Also Asus boards seem to be just as good as Gigabyte boards component wise. Why wouldn't they test the freaking boards anyways, that's what they design them for but dont even test them?