Gary Garcia passes away


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Gary Garcia name may not mean much to many. He's one of those people that needs just a bit of an introduction so our aging cells get stimulated enough to go look for it on our brain records from the 80s.

Once they do though it is inevitable that we start humming a very special tune and a rush of memories, most of them good, come flooding. Gary Garcia teamed up with Jerry Buckner back in the 80s to produce one of the few pop songs that mattered to me during that time. Pac-Man Fever was a hit. A song that like no other described the 80s love affair for arcade machines.

Gary passed away last week at his home. My sympathies go to his family and friends, including a very distraught Jerry Buckner. And bless your soul Gary.

"I gotta pocket full of quarters and I'm headed to the arcade
I don' have a lotta money but I'm bringing everything I made"​
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