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So I was watching [AS] last night and this strange comercial came on during ATHF... I had a website plugged on it, and since I had already seen the episode I decided why not check it out? I'm bored! So i went to my keyboard thinking this was another [AS] stunt. < the site plugged

So I look through the site and sure enough it is WTFage itself. One of the proffesors for the school is Shinobi. :) After going through the sites several videos I decided I wanted to enroll in their course on "Hidding." After all Stork = Ninja!

It then redirects me to a site explaining that get goatz was a fake site and I was to be rewarded a free membership to Gametap

So curious just about wtf gametap was I decided to go to the main site! (didnt know what it was so i just took it down to < Nothig there! HAHA! So then I clicked a link to There I saw a presentation about what gametap was and a list of games to be included on gaptap. Now having laura croft on the page in several palces I was expecting to see all the tomb raiders on their list of games... alas there was not one playstation title on the list... weird eh? Especially since after further investigation I notice the turner brodcasting company to be affiliated with this lil novelty of a site idea.

Now for those of you who might have read all of this and are interested just wtf all of this is getting too I'm getting to my point here. This site offers a membership that allows you to download and play their lisencened games for a monthly fee... Now I may be a lil out of what some of you would call cool games... but a lil over $9 a month to me hardly seems fair for games made for genisis and atari... I could buy a genisis and atari, and every game made for them for less than one years subscription. I mean ray man? Sonic? Heros of might and magic? all for $9 a month! I mean who could resist such an offer?

Edit: Here are some links since it seems to be hard to navigate the site at times...

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Yeah well the games they have on their list and the games they a billing for release are far from the same.



We'll for starters Emulaters do the same thing and there free to a certain extent...... but people want to charge you 9 $ a month to play Outdated games? for old consoles..... hardly worth it from my point of view...
I was kind of reading the XTREAM Jumping LOL! :S


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yo at the least that fake site was funny... the video for the hidding class just pans across an empty field... WTF? lmao